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Who is Winlong?

Winlong GmbH is located in Düsseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. The parent company Hangzhou Winlong rights for 10 years on the introduction of the introduction of the guidelines high-end CNC tools and other fastening products.

In order to be able to better deal with contracts for dealers and CNC users, we owned a new company Winlong GmbH in Germany in 2019.

We have CNC products from various CNC manufacturers in China who are happy to export to Europe, and with our partner Detools GmbH in Bruchsal we have already received several partners in Europe, in German, we are responsible for their company in China behaves.

Our main products are taps, steel and integrated alloy high speed drills, milling cutters, all kinds of rotary washing tools and cutting tools.

We offer standard and non-standard solutions for each customer.

Our advantage is a fast delivery time and produces products.

Please contact us if you want help with your CNC problem or reduce costs.

With the global pandemic 2020, we have expanded our product range to include medical products such as Sars-CoV2 antigen test and mask versions.

Our focus is on CNC tools and medical products, but we are also looking for good ingredients for the food industry and consumer goods in both the EU and PR China.

Our reference in medical products

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Export partner to China


Import partner from China

Our mission is to build bidirectional bridges, partnership and collaboration form China to Europe and back.

Our goal of mutual benefit is based not only in better trading and business relationship but also in better culture and people understanding.

Close the gap of our global village in multipolar world!